cmc_parallax_4The Brief:
Since launching in 1989, CMC Markets has become one of the world’s leading CFD and spread betting providers, with up to 33 million trades executed annually in over 100 countries. Prior to the release of their new platform in 2013,CMC Markets required a freelance print designer to work on a long term contract to design and create from scratch a variety of printed brochures and interactive booklets.

The Solution:
Narrowed down from 3 different concepts, I created this clean and simple step-by-step guide with clear numbered interative points. This was created as a digital interactive PDF and a printed booklet. In addition, the Spanish office required a brand new brochure created from scratch promoting the new platform. I created this simple gate fold brochure with a very clear layout. Both projects received very positive feedback from the London and other international offices.

All artwork is for presentation only. Ownership of CMC Markets all rights reserved.